By 2050, a global population of 9.8 billion will demand 70% more food than is consumed 1. Feeding this expanded population nutritiously and sustainably will require better soil health, increased operational efficiency, decreased operating costs, improved profitability and, most importantly, improved crop yield. At the same time, climate change threatens to cut crop yields by over 25% 2. This too affects people at mass scale, since agriculture is the single largest employer in the world 3.


We need to make a change. And many already have. Join us for a better tomorrow starting today!

Sources: 1. Innovation with a Purpose: The role of technology innovation in accelerating food systems transformation (World Economic Forum & McKinsey 2018); 2. FAO 2017; 3. World Bank 2014

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Did you know?

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is made from 100% waste and residue. Hence the renewable diesel by Neste is producing even 90 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions over the fuel's lifecycle when compared with traditional fossil diesel.

Valtra is taking Neste MY Renewable Diesel to over 75 countries in the world - one tank at a time

As the first factory in the world, Valtra is putting Neste MY renewable diesel to use as a prefill and preservation fuel in all its new tractors. With this decision Valtra will strengthen its position as a forerunner and as a sustainable company, that is also one of the world’s leading tractor manufacturers. The customers will receive a tractor filled with the fuel of the future that is produced by the principles of circular economy, which means that about 700 000 liters of fossil fuels will be replaced with 100 percent renewable fuel.

Valtra and Neste working for a cleaner tomorrow, already today

Reducing emissions by an amount equaling
560 passenger cars
620 flights around the world
46 000 hours using a tractor with a cleaner fuel.

Farmers around the world are under intense pressure to produce more food with fewer resources. We believe that we can help ensure a dependable, adequate and accessible global food supply by equipping our customers with products and services to meet these challenges. Our customers are constantly striving to make better choices, and they will definitely take responsibility, as well as environmental and climate-related matters, such as fuel, into account when choosing a tractor manufacturer.

– Mikko Lehikoinen, Valtra

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